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1,720 Terra NFTs fighting for financial freedom and autonomy for all.
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Meet the 2,500 Agents


  • March 2022

    SEASON 1

    March 2022
    2,500 Anarchists released on the Terra Network
  • April 2022


    April 2022
  • April 2022

    DAO V1

    April 2022
    Holder DAO activated and allocated funds transferred from Treasury
  • May 2022


    May 2022
    First Limited Edition AOT comic featuring all 3 Anarchists will be airdropped to holders
  • June 2022


    June 2022
    Anarchists will become fully animated and playable characters on a number of Metaverse platforms
  • July 2022

    SEASON 2

    July 2022
  • August 2022

    DAO V2

    August 2022

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  • Anarchists On Terra is a collection of 1,720 NFTs on the Terra Blockchain that was created by 3 Co-Founders, sharing a vision of financial freedom and autonomy for all.

  • The Season 1 collection has already minted and can be purchased off of the secondary market. As of right now, you can find available Anarchists on RandomEarth or Knowhere).

    The Season 2 Renegade drop details are TBT.

  • Season 2 Renegade mint price is TBD.

  • There is a Whitelist available for the Season 2 collection drop. As of right now, you can join by holding 1 of each S1 Anarchist character or simply by holding 5 Anarchists total.

    Future Whitelist opportunities will be available soon, more details to come in our official Discord.

  • When you purchase and hold an Anarchist, you will receive many perks. Comic Book drops, playable Metaverse characters, holder Snapshots for giveaways, and becoming a part of the AnarchistDAO. More details on our Roadmap here